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The HPMD Bullet

February 1999
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Vol. 4 Issue 1


Welcome to the February issue of HPMD's electronic newsletter. Please feel free to share and forward this information to your friends and colleagues.

With February being such a short month, we know you are pressed for time, so if an item below catches your interest, simply click on the link to jump to the full item on our website.


In today's job market, when you've got good people you need to keep them. We recently finished a major project for a Fortune 100 company which provides a critical retention tool: a company-wide database for tracking, developing and keeping top talent.

If this is an important issue for your company, e-mail us a brief note and we'll mail you a fact sheet describing this new application and what it can do for you. mailto:rblythe@hpmd.com


Combine an easy-to-complete survey with the instant feedback available with the Internet and you have a powerful management tool. Our customizable survey databases can be simply linked to your company or employee website with a seamless hotlink and begin providing you valuable data within days.

Take a look at a survey demo right here: http://www.hpmd.com/hpmd/HPMDSVYD.NSF?OpenDatabase


Performance incentives . . . are they really too costly? Here are a few thoughts on the cost/benefit tradeoff based on an experience with one company: http://www.hpmd.com/hpmd/wbullets.nsf/links/030?OpenDocument


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