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1603/06Eric WestJohn WarnerBeta 4OpenEnhancementNeed way to select and delete all expired alerts
1503/06Eric WestJohn WarnerBeta 4ClosedBugOnly the last bulletin may opened by alert client, even though three alerts sent
1403/06Eric WestJohn WarnerBeta 4ClosedBugActions in extra/headlines Add button does absolutely nothing!
1302/25Eric WestJohn WarnerBeta 4OpenFunctional ChangeBB doesn't remember last directory you were in when saving files.
1202/25Eric WestJohn WarnerBeta 4ClosedBugWith multiple bulletins open, get fatal IE error when trying to save them
1102/25Ed HappJohn WarnerBeta 4OpenEnhancementEnter Profile Dialog needs a Browse button to help locate the Alerts Settings File
1003/06Ed HappJohn WarnerBeta 4ClosedOperation/Set-upReceived Enter Profile Dialog error "Cannot Open Alerts Settings File" when installing Alerter
902/25Ed HappJohn WarnerBeta 3ClosedBugInstalling the BB Alert client produced fatal dynamic link library error
802/25Ed HappJohn WarnerBeta 3OpenOperation/Set-upIcon files used by the BB system should be installed in the http server directory
702/25Ed HappJohn WarnerBeta 3ClosedBugPublishing a new bulletin to a directory uses the "Open File" dialog which fails to find file
602/24Ed HappJohn WarnerBeta 3OpenFunctional Changedefault directory for the to-be-published bulletin should be for HTTP directory where it is to be published
502/25Ed HappJohn WarnerBeta 3ClosedBugSelecting help in add alert dialog produces error
402/24Ed HappJohn WarnerBeta 3OpenEnhancementBB server window should show different icons for each bulletin type
302/23Eric WestJohn WarnerBeta 3OpenEnhancementNeed help and readme files.
202/23Eric WestJohn WarnerBeta 3OpenEnhancementBB server screen should show all live alerts & expiration times
102/23Eric WestJohn WarnerBeta 3OpenOperation/Set-upLaunch of IE by Alerter dials-up ISP (AOL)

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