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HPMD Bullets


Values clarification exercises are useful decision-making tools. They can identify competing factors which are important to you, weigh alternatives, and help make the best decision for your situation. Clarifying a company's service values is no different. The questions presented here help focus the explicit and implicit service values in a company's service attitudes and actions.

1. What are examples of bad service you have experienced? What are the "war stories" you have told or heard? What are the behavioral components of each story?

2. Who are the service "stars?" Which company's service have you admired? Why?

3. What are your client's service expectations? To what have they reacted positively? What "delights" them? What "ticks them off?" What are the implied behavioral opposites?

4. What client letters on service have you received? What specific things did the letters cite?

5. What service problem can your representatives solve without getting approval? What is the level of empowerment? What is the front-lines dollar sign-off level?

6. What service acts are rewarded, verbally or otherwise? For what have people received praise? What does it take to get promoted in the service department? to get a bonus? to get an excellent performance review rating?

7. What service actions get reprimanded, verbally or otherwise? Is there any breach of service for which a rep can be fired?

8. When there's a breach in service, how does your service department recover from it? What do service reps do to "make it right" for the customer?

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