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While spending a weekend in New York City recently, I had an interesting experience of good customer service. It is particularly noteworthy because I don't usually expect outstanding customer service in NYC. It is a total departure from the stereotypic "NY state of mind," rudeness and the "I-don't-care-who-you-are" attitude.

My wife was joining me on one of my business trips to the Big Apple. I had an old Hilton coupon that would give us a free weekend stay in the NY Hilton and Towers. I was meeting her in the city after having stayed with my brother in Connecticut. Upon check-in, I discovered that I had left the coupon at my brother's house. Expecting to have a problem, and ultimately to have to forfeit the coupon, I began to plead my case. Two sentences into my opening argument, the clerk politely says, "no problem, you can mail it to us". It was not the reluctant, suspicious response you often get, but a cheerful, believing response. It took several more sentences of my case before I realized what the clerk had said. He took all the punch out of a carefully planned argument. I was shocked. I stammered out a stunned, "thank you", still expecting the charges for the weekend to appear on my bill. My final bill was $0.

Needless to say I later rushed off the coupon to the manager of the hotel with a glowing letter of praise for the clerk and their policies of trust. Guess where I prefer to stay when in NYC?

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Author:Happ, Steve
Title:The Missing Hilton Hotel Coupon
Place (City):NYC
Publication Date:12/31/95
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Quote Number:209
Categories:Case Studies, Customer Service