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"A [Varian Associates Inc.] unit that makes vacuum systems for computer clean rooms boosted on-time delivery from 42% to 92%. The radiation-equipment-service department ranked No. 1 in its industry for prompt customer visits." ...
"Obsessed with meeting production schedules, the [Varian] staff in that vacuum-equipment unit didn't return customers' phone calls, and the operation ended up losing market share. Radiation-repair people were so rushed to meet deadlines that they left before explaining their work to customers. Sure, Varian could boast about quality. But in 1990, its sales grew by a paltry 3%..." "'All the quality-based charts went up and to the right, but everything else went down,' says Richard M. Levy, executive vice-president for quality." (BusinessWeek, Aug. 8, 1994, p. 54.)

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Author:Griesing, David
Title:Quality: How to Make It Pay
Place (City):New York
Publication Date:Aug. 8, 1994
Source Type:Periodical
Quote Number:307
Categories:Quality, Customer Service