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Nordstrom's is one of the largest retail clothing chains in the U.S. And one of the most profitable, racking up almost double the average sales per square foot among large retailers. They are renowned for providing legendary customer service. Founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom in Seattle, Washington, Nordstrom began as a shoe store.
My wife's favorite Nordstrom story involves a friend who needed a pair of shoes for her daughter. The woman was eight months pregnant at the time, and not up for an afternoon of shopping with her six year old. But her daughter needed shoes for a school field trip the next week. So she calls the kids shoe department at Nordstrom, describes what she needs. She asks the sales woman if she could mail her something in a size twelve.
The sales woman would not hear of it. After all, shoes had to be tried on, and her daughter may not like the style --six year olds tend to be opinionated. So the sales woman said she'd be right over. She grabbed the shoe the mother described, plus 9 other pair in other styles and half sizes. With the trunk of her car loaded, she drives 20 miles to the next town, and sets up a mini fashion show for Mom and daughter in their living room. Both were so impressed, Mom bought three pair, and became a customer for life.
The moral of the story: exceptional service becomes legendary, it gets retold and retold and retold.

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Case Study: Nordstrom's
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