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My local A&P is the closest full-service grocery store for most of No. Stamford. Checking out is an experience I could only compare to buying tokens for the New York subway system. There is never an hello, no smile, no eye contact -- not even when giving change. No one even asks whether you would like paper or plastic bags. And when your transaction is completed, there is never a please come again, not even a thank you. My local ATM machine is more friendly! I keeping thinking what a tremendous opportunity it would be to open a friendly market nearby.
Bad service is selfish, impersonal, rule-based and authoritarian. As selfish, bad service is centered on the organization processes rather than the customer needs. As impersonal, it stresses sales over creating relationships with a clientele. As rule-based, it emphasizes policies and is inflexible about changing them. As authoritarian, it demands compliance, rather than striving to make an encounter that is comfortable and rewarding.

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Author:Happ, Ed
Title:More Impersonal than an ATM
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Publication Date:12/31/95
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Categories:Customer Service, Case Studies